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FREE 15 Page Guide to Build a Black Robe Regiment New Testament Church


The model of Jesus:

  • He did, and let His disciples watch
  • He did, and let His disciples help
  • He let His disciples do, and He watched
  • He released His disciples to do

Follow the Jesus Model:

  • Learn how to do
  • Do!
  • Let others see you do
  • Let them help you do
  • Let them do, and help them
  • Release them to do

When Spirit filled Christians are chosen to lead and then properly trained, the church will grow steady, and be filled with members that are happy and excited to serve, and bring others to Christ.


(This book is packed with information that the traditional church may incorporate into their existing format.)

Traditional Church + Black Robe Regiment + New Testament Church = A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST

Most Churches today are using the traditional model of operation to minister to the members in their church.

Many of the pastors and leaders have an enormous desire to grow new leaders and the church congregation, but have found themselves against a brick wall. — and they don’t really want to adopt the cell church model.  


  • You can easily grow spiritually mature leaders
  • You can create Bible Study classes that brings people back, anxious to learn and participate.
  • You can have powerful Sunday morning praise and worship services.
  • You can create “evangelism ministry’s” that members will stand in line to lead or serve in. 


Take the Pledge

I believe that the overall condition of the nation is a direct reflection of the overall condition of God’s people, and I accept that the pulpit is most responsible for the overall moral strength or decadence of the country. 

I believe that God’s inspired Word equips us for every issue that arises in life, including not only spiritual but also temporal ones (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:3). 

I believe that it is the duty of God’s ministers to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) on every issue, whether spiritual or temporal, and I will not let the fear of man (Psalms 118:6, Proverbs 29:25), the fear of government (Acts 4:18-31, Matthew 10:28), or the fear of possibly offending someone (Matthew 15:12-13) keep me from boldly proclaiming God’s position on every issue of the day (Jeremiah 1:10, 6:27).

(This is a reprint fron David Bartons “Wallbuilders” site.)

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And sign up to be listed as a “Black Robe Regiment” pastor on their site so that those seeking bold pastors will have the opportunity to find your church.

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JOIN THE “BLACK ROBE REGIMENT CHURCH” MEMBERSHIP TEAM TODAY– This membership is absolutely FREE. Benefits includes: Leadership training, weekly prepared lessons, ready for a powerful presentation — just simply copy, paste and present. — Included are ice-breaker suggestions to start the meetings, questions strategically placed within the message to encourage participation, and outreach information that people will stand in line to lead or serve in.

 You will also receive regular newsletters with tips to improve your leadership skills, suggestions for activities for the group, and ‘Bridge” ministry’s that will draw new people to your church or group.



WHAT IS A NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH? – The early church which was founded only forty days after the death of Christ. — Persecution soon made large group gatherings very difficult, and the preferred meeting place became the houses of the individual believers . 

The early church had no buildings for three centuries – the time of its most rapid growth! It often met in halls for teaching and celebrations, but the life of the church was nurtured. . . More 

SHOULD THE CHURCH PAY TAXES? – Yes, if you want the freedom to take items from the news,  and teach God’s people His perspective on those issues. This will allow political endorsements and other partisan speech from the pulpit.

One of the great stumbling blocks of many of today’s churches is their implementation of the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in their ministry. And the hardest stumbling block to . . . More 

SHOULD THE CHURCH GET INVOLVED IN CAPITALISM? — This is an option that most churches haven’t considered. However if there are members that have the gift to successfully operate or maintain a business, rental property, or the service industry, it could be considered. Of course a directer would need to be appointed to coordinate the combined capatalist division. This also would help provide jobs for out of work church members.

SO YOU THINK YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER? — The word leader is used in the bible only six times. Did God say “This is Moses my leader?” or did He say, “This is Moses my servant?” The church is always searching for and in great need of good leaders in all areas of . . .  More 

WHAT IS A BRIDGE MINISTRY? –  People that have Common interest, hobbies, life situations, work experiences, health conditions, causes, etc., can be used as the “Bridge” to enter the world of the unchurched. A bridge presents opportunities to develop friendships and dialogue, which gently brings them into your church community.

Because a bridge ministry is informal and personal, it can create a feeling of personal relationship between the saved and unsaved participants – this is called a sense of . . . More

MORE INFORMATION: Follow this link for additional information. 




After God our first responsibility is to our family.

A traditional Christian family is the foundation for building success in all of our affairs in this earth:

  • The Church
  • Society
  • Government  

The first step to the breakdown of a nation is to divide and separate the traditional family unit and it’s moral Christian values. – The family unit is also critical to . . . More


Education should be one of the top priorities of the church. 

If the children of the church are properly educated, then the future generation’s wisest and  most intelligent people will be Christians.

They will be the most sought after as leaders in government, education, and the business industry, right down to the labor work force.

The churches education ministry should include seeking out and organizing educational programs such as reading programs, or . . . More

Government & Civil Affairs

In the third dispensation of time God created government and commissioned His people to govern over it — that hasn’t changed.

Our nation has become so corrupt that it is on the edge of destruction.

There are many Christians in today’s churches that believe church and politics should be kept separate. But politics is part of our Christian spiritual responsibility.

Following is a biblical historical event, based on one short scripture that . . . More